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Your wedding is one day that needs to be documented in a stunning way. Wichita Wedding Photographers have what it takes to create dynamic, unique to you photographs. Schedule a consultation today!

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Wichita Wedding Photographers

Wondering how to find a wedding photographer in Wichita, KS? One that will fit your style and needs for the day?

Wichita Wedding Photographers has the perfect wedding photographer for you. Calling for a consultation can give you a better idea of what we have to offer and we can also answer any questions you may have. We have many different wedding photography services we provide. Engagement photography, bridals, vow renewal, or a wedding videographer.

About Wichita Wedding Photographers

Concentrating on the details and making your day a delight is our specialty. We have been working with couples for years to get them not only the photos they want but also an amazing worry-free experience. Helping you feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole day is a strength Wichita Wedding Photographers have.

Our photography studios have professional photographers that find pride in your satisfaction. Their communication and work ethic show their dedication and love for the work they do. You can trust your photos to the pros.

We are the best in Wichita wedding photography. Our wedding photography reviews will give you an idea of what you are getting and the excellent service you will experience when you choose us. Wichita and the surrounding areas have places to photograph that have unique characteristics. We have shot in so many of these places and know what will make an elegant photograph. We want to experience them with you.

We find joy in giving you treasured pieces of fine art for your home. The simplest moments create a huge impact in a photo. We have trained ourselves to see those quickly passing moments and capture them for you to enjoy forever.

Why Choose Us?

Yes, why should you choose us? Well, here are some ideas.

  • Extensive portfolio of satisfied customers.
  • Eye-catching photos that make you feel.
  • We understand how timing plays a very important role in stunning photographs.
  • A worthwhile investment as you start your life together.
  • Person to person meeting to plan out all the details.
  • Photos that compliment your personalities.
  • Wedding photographer cost for all budgets.
  • Create gorgeous wedding photo books for you.
  • We offer wedding photography videography, many others don’t.
  • We are passionate about Wichita wedding photography.

Our wedding photographers Wichita KS have been serving in the area for years. We have built a positive relationship with the community members over those years. So when you were searching for “wedding photographers near me” and found us, you want to give us a call and experience the reason why our wedding photography services are so sought after. Wedding photography Wichita loves playing a huge part in your extra special day that you will never forget.

We want to give you a free consultation! Let’s talk and determine which wedding photographer Wichita KS will be a good fit for you and your soon to be spouse. Call today for your free consultation.

What To Expect?

We are here for you. We want what you want. We have wedding photography packages for everyone. Engagement, bridal, and videography can be added to the package you choose to make the memories of your day even more extensive and beautiful. We are so excited we can offer wedding videographer services. That is not something that is an option at all photography studios. Being able to offer this extra service sets us apart from others. Adding on this real-life video to catch the emotions of the day is such a fun way to showcase your wedding.

Having a photographer that you can have fun and connect with is important to us. This contributes to how amazing your photos turn out. We can bring out the best smiles and natural affection that way. We want this to be a memorable and stress-free day. We do everything we can to make that happen for you.

During your free consultation, we will discuss what you want, your style, and other important basics. We also will give you the chance to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with choosing us. We will book your wedding photoshoot right as soon as you know the dates to get you locked into our calendar. We fill up quickly so you will want to make this a priority.

We will show up to your wedding on time and with a plan that we have fully discussed with you. We follow the agenda to help things move smoothly throughout the day. It is going to be beautiful!


Our Wedding Photography Services

We have a full list of services we provide from before your wedding and then beyond. We want you to have consistent photos and decided to come back time and again for your memories to be beautifully captured over and over again. See the descriptions below for more information on each service.

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Wedding Photography

You will get a professional wedding ceremony photographer that cares about not only the quality of the photos you will receive but about the quality of the experience you will have. This is so important. Your photos will remind you not just of the beauty but of the feelings and emotions. You need an excellent photographer to bring out the best in it all.

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Bridal Session

Wedding photography Wichita KS is in love with bridals! These elegant individual photos of the bride are breathtaking. You have waited for this day your whole life and dreamed of what your dress will look like and now you have a chance to be photographed and have stunning photos to remember it forever. Having them displayed with your mother’s and grandmother’s bridal photos can be an emotional bonding moment.

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Vow Renewal / Anniversaries

Getting photos of the milestone anniversaries in your marriage are a unique way to document your important moments together. Having a wedding vow renewal is a great way to show the dedication you have for each other. Having these photos to showcase in your home makes for great conversations about these meaningful images that document your commitment to one another.

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Engagement Photography

You need a wedding photographer Wichita KS that knows the area. They need to know the place you choose for engagement photography and why it is important to you. Do you want photos of your engagement or do you want them after to send out for announcements? Whichever you choose, we can accommodate and get you the photos you are needing for your search “engagement photographers near me.”

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Taking the the adventure of marriage to the next level and just jumping in. You feel no need for all the fancy stuff and just want a small ceremony with maybe a few people and us to document it all. Whether at the courthouse or on a trail in the mountains, we want to make it beautiful. Let us join you in the intimate ceremony.

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We provide the “wedding videography near me” you have been looking for. You will receive a 3 minute video of your wedding day made by a professional Wichita wedding Videographer. Your videographer is in the background of your wedding day making this beautiful video happen. We can personalize it with music that has meaning for you two.

For the Best Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photo Gallery

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About Wichita Kansas

With a nickname like “Doo-dah” you can guess Wichita, KS is going to have a laid back easy going feel. So, that is likely why it is the best place to live in Kansas. Being the largest city with a population of 398,880 in 2019 also makes it a fun place to visit.

Pizza Hut and White Castle fast foods originated in Wichita, KS. It is also known as an aircraft production hub and the “air capital of the world”.

Some not-to-be-missed places to visit would be the Wichita Art Museum, the largest in the state, Botanica, with its 24 themed gardens, and Exploration Place of science and discovery. Catching a game at the Intrust Bank Arena of the Wichita Force, Wichita Thunder, or the Wichita State Shockers, is something you want to put on your list of to-dos. You can take the family to the Sedgwick County Zoo for an exciting time with the animals.

Some of the other surrounding areas to visit:

  • Derby, KS
  • Newton, KS
  • Andover, KS
  • El Dorado, KS
  • Haysville, KS
  • Augusta, KS
  • Valley Center, KS
  • Mulvane, KS
  • Many other surrounding areas

Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to take wedding photographs in Wichita?

We have taken photos all over in the Wichita and the surrounding areas. You name a place and we will try to make it happen. We can visit before hand and make sure it will work and if the lighting conditions will be excellent.

How can we best prepare for our consultation?

Come with your questions and ideas. Talk with each other first and make sure you are on the same page, this helps the process work smoothly.

Will you color correct my images?

We color correct all photos and correct any exposure issues.

Can we get a wedding photo album?

Our wedding photo albums are gorgeous. You will love these high quality books.

How can we help you?

Making sure you have talked things over with each other before the consultation is so helpful. Just enjoying yourselves and trusting that we will ensure your day is captured in a way you will be so happy with.

Customer Testimonials

We thought you had to spend a huge amount of money on wedding photos. Wichita wedding photography has prices that fit our budget and we got all we needed. Our photos are stunning just like they say they will be.

Chad and Sandra P.

Our photos are absolutely beautiful! The album is so gorgeous! The attention to detail is phenomenal. We are so pleased with our wedding photo experience. Thank you.

Steve and Dawn G.

Having a photography company that has good communication and customer service is such a relief for your wedding day. We felt prepared and relaxed. It was just what we were wanting.

Celeste & Mitch T.

Contact Us Today for a Consultation!

We hope as you look at your wedding photos you will be flooded with emotions. We want all of the feelings and memories of the day to come pouring in. That is how we shoot, thinking about the emotions being caught, and the story being told.

Wedding photography services can be one of the hardest things to choose. Their work will hang on your walls for years and be a reminder of your first day married to your spouse. Pretty important! We know we can provide you with the memories you have always wanted. Choosing Wichita Wedding Photographers you will have no regrets. Fill out the form and we will call you to make an appointment.

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